How to Choose the Right Co-Founder for your Startup

startupThey say choosing a co-founder is like choosing a marriage partner, you have to due diligence and get everything right. Whether you want to start a cleaning, towing service or tech company, you much choose the right co-founder. Having the right co-founder at your side helps you make a better balance and have a more robust skill set. But we all have limitations, in some areas, we are found lacking. So how do we go about it?

Confront your weaknesses

The ideal co-founder is one person who possesses the skills you lack. This means the first step to choosing a co-founder involves making a brutally honest self-assessment with yourself to evaluate your weaknesses. Maybe you are best at technical side, or you are best at sales. Choose a person who compliments the skills you lack. You may have good managerial skills on a particular sector of business, but heavily lack on another.

Decide on the relationship

You need to decide on the type of personal relationship you want to have with your co-founder. Evaluate if you will be working side by side every day, or you will be meeting every week. Are you having drinks every day or your interaction is limited to having partner lunch once in a month? Either of these interactions is fine provided you can find a common ground to agree.

Define the core values

core-valuesTo choose the right co-founder for your company, you have to set a well-defined set of core values that must be met. These core values determine the priorities, decisions and goals that you are willing to make. Define if you are more of a super competitive or collaborative person. Are you looking forward to achieve life-work balance or you are the type that works 24/7?  Evaluate on the values that make you totally different from the rest.

Think Long term

Building a successful company is a marathon and not a sprint. There are going to be some very tough times that you would not want to see eye to eye with each other on every detail of the company. Evaluate if you share the same principles such that no matter the differences that might come along the way, you still can relate to each other and find a common ground to solve issues. Work on evaluating the personality of each other to determine if you guys can click.

How to Protect Your Business from Data Breach

data breachThe internet has brought people closer than ever before. The advent of social media makes the world a connected place. All is not rosy with the internet. In as much as technology tries to make the world a better place, there are bad guys out there all looking forward to stealing your information and use it maliciously. Suppose you have a business such as, how do you protect vital customer data?

Protecting your business from internet security breaches is very important for the health of your business. You need to protect every user’s data from falling in the wrong hands. If your clients’ information is stolen, it can bring a lot of inconveniences and mistrusts to your customers. To ensure every client information is protected, here are a few ways you can go an about it;


You need to educate yourself and your employees. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more complicated. It is very easy to be fooled by emails, attachments and malicious links which all trick you to click them. It only takes one click and you infect your system with malware, virus, and ransomware.  You need to educate your employees to ensure that they are up to date with the methods that can be used in protecting data from breaches.

Know your data sources

You need to know what data you have and where it is stored. Like many companies, they have stored their data at multiple locations and if you don’t know where your data is, you will not be able to protect it. It is only a very small percentage of companies who know where all of their sensitive structured data is located. You can create a spreadsheet that documents where various types of your sensitive data are located.

Data Encryption

You should not transmit data that is not encrypted. Encryption is very important in keeping your valuable information hidden from cybercriminals. Most operating systems come with their inbuilt encryption tools – For Windows, we have BitLocker and for Mac, we have FileVault. These systems are very important when transmitting sensitive information over email as it ensures that it is encrypted.

Outsource payment processing

Nearly all major attacks against credit cards are based on exploiting a single vulnerability in the current payment industry infrastructure. Merchants are not supposed to handle most of the payment processing because most of them lack systems and the knowledge required to protect credit card data. Most of the payment processing should be outsourced to third parties who have the technology and mandate to protect such sensitive data.


Safety Tips and Protection Guidelines for your Credit Cards

credit cardOne of the greatest conveniences we have today is the use of credit cards to help us shop from anywhere. However, that convenience can be very costly if you are not careful. You should not assume that technology employed online is entirely safe to protect your card from funds being withdrawn without your consent. Even the most reputable companies have fallen a victim of targeted cyber-attacks. You need to take vital steps to protect your finances while making shopping online.

Here are important safety tips you need to follow to protect your credit cards.

Do a security check

Encryption is very important in changing the obviously readable characters to render documents in a form that is not easy to read or hack. One key area where encryption can be important is during the transmission of credit card numbers as if gets transmitted from your computer to the merchant’s system. Ensure that the website that collects your credit card details has a secure shell encryption (https). It should also be a member of internet programs such as Verisign, BBBOnline, TRUSTe among others.

Keep your account information private

There are a number of ways malicious people can get access to your credit card number. To stay protected, you need to keep your card private and don’t let anyone see it while you are in public. You should avoid giving your credit card information over the phone unless you are the one who initiated the call and you are making the call to your bank. Never reply to an email that asks for your credit card details or personal information. When making payments online, consider paperless statements.

Keep your information current

Anytime you move, you need to notify your bank. You need to ensure that your statements and other information are in line with your new address and that they do not end up in wrong hands. It is always a good idea to sign up for fraud alert with the use of your cell phone number. You should occasionally check to ensure that credit facilities have your updated number at all times. This ensures you are able to contact them quickly in case anything goes wrong.

Secure your devices and networks

NetworksThere are some basic practices that can be applied to ensure that you secure your digital information. You should ensure that your computer is connected to a firewall. Ensure you use a password that is not very easy to crack. The firewall should be turned on at all times. You should also download and install the latest updates to your operating system. These updates are very important as they have the most up to date security features.

Protect yourself online

Online shopping is on the rise and everyone is trying to shop with vendors who ensure the highest level of convenience. However, when you are shopping online, you should try to shop with an established business that you can easily contact when an issue arises. Look for secure sites that ensure your information is well protected. Do not share any information unless you are sure and convinced on what you are sharing.









How to Protect your Online Data

encryptionKeeping your financials, passwords and other personal information safe is a top priority for everyone and every business. It is very important for consumers and individuals to play by the rules of data protection policies to ensure their data is safe and secure. There is an abundance of information out there that needs to be protected. If we are not careful, some other important information can be forgotten and get lost in the wind when it comes to getting protected.

Here are simple ways and methods you can apply to ensure that your data is well protected from getting stolen.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is no longer technical. Today, there are modern tools that make it possible for anyone to easily encrypt their data, emails and other information. For Apple users, they can make use of FileVault that encrypts the hard drive of a computer. This software scrambles your data up to a certain level. Should the government needs to get access to this data, you can employ the use of TrueCrypt for full protection.

Data Backup

Backing up your data is one of the most important yet overlooked data protection tips. When you create a backup of your data, you are essentially creating a duplicate such that in case a device is lost or stolen, you will not have to lose your information. You need to create this backup on a different device so that you can easily recover it in case of compromise.

Cloud Backup

The cloud provides a very viable option when it comes to backup. The advantage of cloud backup is that information is not stored on a local device that can easily or physically be tempered with. With cloud backup, data is stored offsite by a provider and this guarantees an adequate disaster recovery.


The use of anti-malware is a must if you need to protect your data from abuse. Malware is a serious threat to data as it is well known for attaching itself in unsuspecting places that users have the least suspect of. Malicious software is designed to infiltrate and damage your computer without your consent.  Malware range from programs such as worms, viruses, spyware, Trojan horses among others.

Operating systems updates

Many users ignore doing frequent operating system updates due to the length of time such updates take. It is very important to spare some of your time and perform an operating system update. When you fail to install these updates, you subject your computer to a lot of risks. For Windows operating system, such updates normally occur once per month.

Secure wireless networks

You need to secure your wireless networks at your business and at home. You need to secure these wireless networks with the use of strong and complex passwords. Doing so helps in preventing unauthorized individuals who are in close proximity not to hijack your wireless network. Your Wi-Fi network at home or workplace should be secure, hidden and encrypted.  You should also make use of firewalls to block dangerous programs, viruses, and signals from infiltrating your system.

Ways Data Gets Stolen Online

dataProtecting your data is extremely important to prevent it from falling in the wrong hands. There are lots of policies that have been introduced to guide companies and ensure user data is well protected. Companies are now required to announce all instances of customer data breaches, as well as paying fines once such breaches happen.

Data is stolen when a cyber-criminal successfully infiltrates a data source then extracts sensitive data. Data breach happens in many ways as we are going to discuss in this short post. Here are top ways your data is getting stolen online.

Social engineering

Social engineering refers to the process of manipulating an individual to reveal their confidential data. Over the last few years, social engineering techniques have become more sophisticated because the average user becomes savvier. Hackers now have to be smarter in the ways of obtaining data. Hackers may scroll and stalk you on social media account, find your friends and use their wit to exploit any weaknesses that can lead to revealing of data.

Internal Threats

cyberimeInstead of dealing with faceless enemies, many cybersecurity threats are now coming from the current or top ex-employees. These employees can advance an unauthorized access to confidential data. Additionally, they can infect a network with something that is malicious. Internal threats take many forms including shoulder surfing, weak passwords, inserting thumb drives into computers among others.


Baiting is a method that is similar to social engineering. This method aims at tricking users using information that is obtained about that person. An example is how a hacker can stalk through one’s social media account, find they are interested in certain games. They then use this information as a source of bait to lure their victims. They can use a message such as – click here to play the latest episode of Prisoners game.

Unsubscribe button

Another way hackers are now tricking users is through the use of the unsubscribe button from emails. By lay, every marketing email must contain unsubscribe button to enable consumers to opt out in case they are not interested in receiving future information about a certain product or service. These emails look to be very harmless. However, hackers are now tricking unsuspecting users by attaching malware in these unsubscribe buttons.

The key to protecting yourself is to stay vigilant and be up to date with the latest protection software that can help detect and protect you from malware. Have a proper anti-spam filter in place to stay safe.