Safety Tips and Protection Guidelines for your Credit Cards

credit cardOne of the greatest conveniences we have today is the use of credit cards to help us shop from anywhere. However, that convenience can be very costly if you are not careful. You should not assume that technology employed online is entirely safe to protect your card from funds being withdrawn without your consent. Even the most reputable companies have fallen a victim of targeted cyber-attacks. You need to take vital steps to protect your finances while making shopping online.

Here are important safety tips you need to follow to protect your credit cards.

Do a security check

Encryption is very important in changing the obviously readable characters to render documents in a form that is not easy to read or hack. One key area where encryption can be important is during the transmission of credit card numbers as if gets transmitted from your computer to the merchant’s system. Ensure that the website that collects your credit card details has a secure shell encryption (https). It should also be a member of internet programs such as Verisign, BBBOnline, TRUSTe among others.

Keep your account information private

There are a number of ways malicious people can get access to your credit card number. To stay protected, you need to keep your card private and don’t let anyone see it while you are in public. You should avoid giving your credit card information over the phone unless you are the one who initiated the call and you are making the call to your bank. Never reply to an email that asks for your credit card details or personal information. When making payments online, consider paperless statements.

Keep your information current

Anytime you move, you need to notify your bank. You need to ensure that your statements and other information are in line with your new address and that they do not end up in wrong hands. It is always a good idea to sign up for fraud alert with the use of your cell phone number. You should occasionally check to ensure that credit facilities have your updated number at all times. This ensures you are able to contact them quickly in case anything goes wrong.

Secure your devices and networks

NetworksThere are some basic practices that can be applied to ensure that you secure your digital information. You should ensure that your computer is connected to a firewall. Ensure you use a password that is not very easy to crack. The firewall should be turned on at all times. You should also download and install the latest updates to your operating system. These updates are very important as they have the most up to date security features.

Protect yourself online

Online shopping is on the rise and everyone is trying to shop with vendors who ensure the highest level of convenience. However, when you are shopping online, you should try to shop with an established business that you can easily contact when an issue arises. Look for secure sites that ensure your information is well protected. Do not share any information unless you are sure and convinced on what you are sharing.









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