Google Analytics Tools your Business must be using

Are you wondering how many people visit your site? Does your web page have a high bounce rate? How many new visitors do you have on your website and how many are visiting? Well, all these questions can be well answered with an installation of Google Analytics. Using Google analytics, websites such as Fredericksburg pressure washing are able to get key metrics and data on site usage.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool that businesses use to measure their performance.

Google Analytics not only track the number of customers visiting your website but also shows where the traffic is coming from and the time you have most visitors. Google Analytics can help you understand how people are finding and navigating your site. The type of information provided by Google Hangouts will help you distinguish the type of content your visitors are interested in.

Tools in Google Analytics

Goals Flow

The goal flow explains your customers’ behaviors and sections in your visitors are having difficulty accessing your website. The goal flow shows you why your visitors love your web page. You’ll see the strengths and weaknesses in your site navigation, and learn where necessary adjustments are needed to your site and your online marketing plan.

Attribution modeling

Attribution modeling tool allows you track your relationship with your customers. The feature enables you to give credit to all of the digital marketing interactions that affect your conversation and sales. Attribution modeling allows you plot out existing touchpoints with your customers to know where, when, and how potential leads are being reached.

Advanced segmentation

Advanced segmentation involves segmenting your users and customers into useful and functional groups. Segmenting your website users enables you to make analysis on the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns and the familiarity of your URL to your users.

Assisted conversations

The assisted conversations feature helps you source your leads, customer loyalty, and customer conversations. With assisted conversations, you can understand how your customers found you and what inspired them to buy your products.

Google Analytics alerts

Analytics alerts are sent after Google Analytics have detected significant statistical variations and has monitored your website.  Analytics patterns can allow you to know when there are valuable changes in the traffic patterns or other data. Analytics alerts can be customized to send alerts immediately certain shifts occur in your website. You can even decide to be alerted every time there is a click in your URL.

Event tracking

Event tracking tool allows you to measure and keep track of activities that your visitors are doing. These activities may include downloads, mobile ad clicks, video plays, flash elements, and gadgets. The event metric will give you a higher insight into user engagement and help you to know the best call to action quotes.

Google Analytics does a lot of justice in tracking the traffic on your website. It is very essential since it reveals the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Through Google Analytics, you can redefine your marketing plan your increase your sales.

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