A Guide to Responding to Customer Reviews on Google

As of today, Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world and the leading. Customers all go to Google, when in search of information. When someone want to purchase a product or look for any service such as those offered by tow truck Woodbridge they will head to Google and other online platforms to read for customer reviews. As a business owner, you can respond to Google reviews and engage with your customers. Responding to online reviews especially the bad ones can help you learn from your mistakes as a business owner. This learning curve can be very critical to help you improve your overall customer experience and business reputation.

Replying to Customer Reviews

Before you can start, it is a wise idea you set up Google My Business notifications. Doing so will help you get notified anytime a new customer review is posted. You can start by signing to Google My Business by going to business.google.com. From there, click on the three horizontal bars on the top left corner. In case you have multiple locations, click on the one you would like to manage and then click – manage reviews. Click on – view and reply, when you find a review you would like to engage with. Once you have clicked -view and reply, a message box will open to allow you to write your response.

Assess and evaluate the feedback

Many companies fear responding to bad reviews. To make a response, the first thing you should do is to assess and evaluate the feedback internally. You are better off accessing the situation internally instead of immediately responding to a bad review. Customers have a lot of power online and if you react to a negative review without giving it a thorough thought, you can fuel an angry customer. When it comes to responding to a bad review, avoid getting emotional. Have a logical procedure in place before you can reply.

Publicly respond to a review

By this point, we mean you should not hide and privately reach out to a customer. Instead, respond to them on the same platform and channel they used to post the review. Responding publicly to bad reviews shows your customers as well as potential customers that you care and you are very attentive. When you care, it will lead to increase business. Additionally, note that Google reviews are not the only place to respond to reviews and hold conversations with a customer. Once you have replied to them online, you can offer them a chance to move to an internal platform to have the issue solved amicably.

Be Transparent

You need to be transparent about your mistakes. No business is perfect and as your customer base grows, your team is bound to make mistakes. After all, note that customers have conflicting needs that make it quite difficult to satisfy everyone. It is how you respond to these issues that make a difference. The best thing you can do is to be transparent at all times, such that there is nothing you are trying to hide and no situation you are trying to cover up.

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